The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



Speaking of puddi, I made these today :3 vanilla puddi with apricots and banananana, yum

Also, I’d make the best waifu, cause I’d def go for the naked apron every day.



Nice! The arrangement makes it look even yummier.


a kudi bisquit for brunch, and right now having grapes and choco for dinner :3


kudi bisquit



it came with a side of rosemary salt fries, and made on a brioche bun



where did you go for such gay fast food?


bring me back a yellow jacket!


denver is pretty gentrified hipster at this point, microbrewries everywhere


moar liek microDICKS everywhere amirite guise?


Welcome to the Panhandler! Home of the world’s longest salad bar and second longest sneeze guard!


That sort of stuff ruins cities worse than dindoos.


refried beans



popeyes chicken with two biscuits


that’s so black the cops shot six warning shots to my computer


have some watermelon too and see if they shoot at panchu six more times.


it’s supposed to japanese

cause japanese people have fried chicken on christmas


You should have had KFC lol

Had some chicken (too) and pasta. Imoto#1 takes over our kitchen now every Christmas.


that’s what i was thinking
but id rather just have popeyes


KFC is white people chicken, which is why is the only good fast food fried chicken


Umm excuse me but nothing is more white ppl fried chicken than Chicfila.