The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?






This scene and show are absolutely wholesome.


I’m so, so sorry. I was hoping that they’d be a bit softer and a bit more runny. Still tasty :3


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So would you.

You as well.


That looks tasty! Want! +__+


fur kudi

tbh I’d flip the pizza side so the toppings face inside, that way my hands wont get as messy and I get the symphony of flavors altogether. I know the pizza facing up works for picture purposes but is dumb otherwise, if you wanna keep it toppings side up is if you use it as the bottom bun and use the top bun for the mayo (yes fuck y’all mayo is the best)


kudi WANT



you have a loli-maid/pet-girl/slave who’d gladly make it for you, and blow you while you eat it


Pizza >American
Hamburger >American
French fries >American

Ok I kid.
It’s American.


I don’t even know what to call this. So I’m just gonna list what I threw in there:

carrots, leek, red onions, mixed minced meat (pork/beef), peppers (red/orange), a bit of bacon (very thin stripes, mainly for its smokey flavor) and tomatoes. Made some green pasta (spinach if you were wondering), it all fits rather well together.


I sometimes make a similar sauce but with potatoes then minus the leeks and bacon. The bacon is a great idea, I’ll try that next time. I cube the carrots and potatoes and add potato paste.

I put mine on rice :3


I like the first comment.


But he’s a guy so shouldn’t that be husband?


Did you just assumer their gender? That’s not very progressive of you. And anyone can be a wife.


a pudding cup I “confiscated” at school :3c


You power tripping now? Gj, Panchu-sensei.


me? power tripping?

d-dont be silly >///>