The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



I want pizza but am broke :frowning:

someone buy pantsu a pizza?


Honestly, if you didn’t have to reveal your name in order to make payment transfers, I sure would buy pizza for people on SanCom.

Perhaps cryptocurrency will one day become a truly viable and widely accepted method. I dream.


you can go to and order a pizza without puting down your name, so long you have a delivery address, which I know half sancom is too paranoid to give away :stuck_out_tongue:


Gib me ur adress and ill send pisa


not you you’re not trustworthy

plus I gave up and am making rice




Had Sriracha for the first time yesterday. Now I know what the hype was about. Still pretty weak, but I think that’s it’s charm point.

Having beef mami today :3


Gimme your address, get a pizza for Christmas.


has pizza

chewing is so hard


But I dun want pizza :pizza:


I buy whatever you want then.:kissing_heart:


This ain’t your broke ass college student’s instant ramen. The noodle are thicker and the broth has flavor. Don’t know if it’s worth the $3.50 Ralph’s was charging. The $2 udon noodles from Dasio were pretty equal.


I made way too many :V


This stuff is good. You should be able to find it for $2.50ish at Mitsuwa.


I’m not going all the way over there just for ramen, especially since there’s no more Kino at the Costa Mesa store.


I read about that. Sad really. Once the Houston store opens, Texas will have as many Kinos as California. Who woulda thought just a couple years ago.


Canned chef Boyardee Spaghetti and meatballs. I can’t wait till my wife gets back from overseas!!!


plottwist, she married a refugee and is saying abroad


She was in Vietnam with the kids until a little while ago. She is currently coming back to the US and should be here tomorrow night. Sniff Sniff it has been almost two months!

No separation or plot twists though. We had a new baby and she stayed behind at her parents for a bit so she would have some backup since I work a lot. Granted with her gone I ended up working a LOT of overtime.

Edit: I was with her for a while but I ran out of PTO.


got me some donuts :3