The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



Oh now you’re terrified.


That or she’s turning blue from the excitement.


It’s not like I enjoy smegma~ >з<
…but I still lick it when Kudi tells me to


and so you crave it not because you like it, but because you crave the kudi domination and abuse <3





owo another necro member!

also kudos for teen titans go clip <3


muh breakfast sammich for tomorrow, am feeling very proud tbh


got a tiny cast iron pan to make the eggies into the “bread”, then added ham and cheese and a hashbrown pattie. got me a lil cup of guac to add to it tomorrow when I reheat it. next time amma try a bit of groundbeef into a little burg pattie, and maybe bacon and/or spinash into the eggies <3


had a hot dog from costco


I opened a can with a knife (again) only to find out it’s one of those easy open cans that has its label upside-down -_-


buy a can opener you fucking neanderthal!


giiiit off mah ahland!


technically muh land, since your ancestors were raped by my the ancestors who raped my ancestors first


fires arrows at you

Speaking of Spain:

Had those yesterday :3


jokes aside, and I thkn we talked about this a while back, the more we chat the saltier I get at my schooling for not teaching me about the bean connection we had, I think I’d be less of a weeb and would’ve been more inclined to travel to pinoi and expand my uncultured ass


This why you’re my sister from another invader :3

Flip average kinda smol so gud lak with that.



Had chinese for lunch. La mien is nice.
Granny didn’t get to finish her bowl and left me all the noodles, but she put in too much coriander that it tasted weird -_-


Is that the name of your pet crab?


vigzed. zoddy. i hab kold.