The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?





Almost brilliant, but…



close your eyes and think of England


I had doughnuts for breakfast and a t bone steak for dinner.


Who puts eggs in their burgers?


I like them on my burgers.


Fatburger does. Put fried eggs on their burgers, that is.


eggs help the burger bind

so im assuming it needs to bind better cause it’s bigger or something


You only put eggs on minces that have a hard time sticking together because of a smaller fat content mixed in with the meat, like pork’s.


lotsa places have the option, is dope yo


Coffee ice cream and biscuits.


That sounds awesome.


It’s only because I ran out of coffee and we have the ice cream version :3
But it actually is. First time having that combo the the biscuits I had on hand too :3


had chicken shawarma extra spicy…


had chicken shawarma from the same place except one level less spicy

it wasnt spicy at all



Next time buy one of each and mix them~



How about I mix muh DIK with ur CUNT lmfao




syk be craving dat kudi dick cheese for breakfast