The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



a guro loli

word word word


Left over pecan pie and left over chili. I’m still hungry… Time to raid the fridge.


but did you cump the chili on top of the pie?

also am still weary every time I order chili in Denver, gotta make sure is proper chili and not the green runny shit they call chili


Paula Deen would frown at me if I did that lol XD

Denver style chili? Never heard of it


colorado green chili, not bad, but not what I consider chili


I Googled that. That actually looks pretty good.


again not bad on its own or as a side for some tacos or some meat, just not what I expected smothered on my fries when I ordered chili cheese fries when I first moved to denver lol


I had a lobster roll


What happened to it?


Aren’t you paying attention?

The lobster rolled!


i hope homu gave it a treat for a trick well done


Had these instant noodles. Pretty good except for the seaweed. I think they had packets with bare noodles so I think I’ll get those and add my own toppings.


Not a fan of the texture of cup udon. There’s a sliminess to it that isn’t there in the kind you cook on the stove.


I want to try that new Maruchan is in miso soup.


Could be the bukkake <:3c


I had tiramisu

a profiterole filled with ice cream

and crème brûlée :heart:



so jelly


Chili hotdog with onions, cheese and mustard~ Also homemade french fries~


mixed fried rice and dumplings, ordered from the other place I sometimes order, rather than the one I always order, assholes only put three fucking shrimp in the rice >:( the other place always has at least 10 shrimps in it


Ham and Cheddar sandwich w bacon.