The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



In loving memory of Pacpon, beloved glutton and hottie, who posted the original Food Thread before dissapearing into a life of normieness.

So what did you eat?

I had a big bowl of spaghetti with beef kielbasa and fried salami, plus lotsa und lotsa cheese :3


pain au chocolat for breakfast


Kitsune udon for lunch, and now I’m having maple tea with pumpkin mousse~


as always, everything Syk eats is very loli like and precious <3


hey kudi, I bet that pan was very descent!





Too moé~ :heart:



Home Defense Force rations aka instant noodles.


I ate tamales: red pork, green chicken, and cheese.


A 1/4 pounder with cheese,fries, and an apple pie from McDonald’s


an stek und carnitas chipotle :3



joke’s on you! as a bean I am immune to such conundrums!


Had Pepperoni pizza slices from the local bar n’ grillz. Was pretty good.


sammich wiff eggies, cheese and ham, and a side of potatoes und corm :3


leftover halloween cupcakes from work :3


Halloween ended 4 days ago O_o



here are 16 characters so i can post


silly pinoi, is 3 days ago here, also remember that murrican food is all preservatives. see we dont have jungles from which to collect coconuts and bananas and spear out monkeys, we go to walmart!


had pork loin topped with pasketi sauce and cheese, with a side of guac