The Animé Thread



It’s Kyou no Asuka Show.


watching Toradora!, 5 eps per day so that I can watch the Christmas eps on Christmas morning :3

Ami-chan was such a cunt when she first appears, she’s the one osananajimi I could never cheer for >:’(

after am done with this ep (ep 5) amma watch some K-ON! to lighten the fuck up


No wonder it’s familiar. I read it instead though :stuck_out_tongue:
good shit.


aka “I’m a Jap Blonde Bimbo in Wacky Situations!”


Asuka isn’t a bimbo! She’s pure charming obliviousness.


I was just going through my folders yesterday and got reminded that this got an anime. I remember the manga fondly.


thank you, found it :3


That how most people view bimbos positively really.


They toned down the meatshields scene by a lot lol


They skipped the “we want to see your face as a reward” too. Well I guess the reveal in the previous arc messed up the timing for that.


Not everybody has seen his face yet and the ‘We want to see your face’ thing is near the end after the battle so there’s still hope.


Finished season one of Hidamari Sketch

About 8 years after I started it



^^^^^see? hidamari sketch is autistic madoka


It only looks like that to you because you’re a baka.


I figured they wouldn’t show everything. At least it wasn’t taken out completely but they sure glossed over the details really fast.


It’s a good move since there should be more if they include stuff from the Goblin Lord’s flashbacks.


Oh yeah and pretty cool that they included him. There was some suspicion that he was the one that said “we became adventurers at the same time” but now we have confirmation.

The greatsword guy’s fight with the goblin champion is gonna be great.


They shouldn’t skip Not!Guts’ fight.


Dropped it halfway through, glad to see I didn’t waste my time. That loli needs her own hentai.