The Animé Thread



karen was a hottie here and there thru the series


I liked kyonyuu sara too.


Uza Maid might be one of the funniest things I’ve seen this season lol XD


At first I was wishing for a happy ending for Kaede but now I fear the worst. I have this dreaded feeling that the old Kaede was a gossiping bitch, not the sweet onii-chan loving girl we see today.


I remember not liking Rei very much when I watched Sailor Moon as a loli, but I started rewatching it thinking that there’s no way she could be as much of a cunt as I remembered.

I was wrong.
She’s both a bitch and a ビッチ



Your bitch detector was already strong as a child lol

Watched Yuru Camp.
I don’t know what to watch next, but I want to go for G-Tekketsu. My hdd is already crying though lol



wow, this animé is problematic


[*KHAN hides Rei body pillow.]


I’m sure she becomes a better person later in the series(otherwise there would be sailor moon villains with better personalities than her >.< )


/me reports khan to the authorities for holding a white woman captive and hidden in a closet


I’ve got a fucking REI for ya

unzips daki


Lol that’s who I thought they were talking about.


It’s who they SHOULD be talking about


TBH, If it wasn’t for Rei and Sabrina from Pokemon, that seed weren’t have been planted for me to have my taste in girls and thus my love for my Tsuma and Satsuki.



I said I’m watching Sailor Moon, so I thought it would be obvious I was talking about Hino Rei, not Ayanami Rei >.<


anime charas are white unless otherwise specified

also nigs crimes against non-negro women are considered capital offenses


BRB committing crimes with my non-negro Tsuma.


Nice end.


I can has sauce pls?



I read the manga, but I don’t remember the name, sorry >.<

Maybe @Palmtop_Tiger remembers? :thinking:

And that happened several times to my former friend while we were in japan :joy:
(I guess it’s easy to happen when you wear that kind of school bag like that :open_mouth: )