The Animé Thread



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I’m rewatching Sailor Moon~ :heart:


lol am only upset that the cgi is total shit

was Shun lowkey the original trap? kinda? like ok he was never pretendig to be a girl but c’mon nigga was a total -draw a girl, but say is a boy-… fuck it amma call Shun the first trap character


Can we keep Netflix away from anime?


hulu has a better selection of anime, and they dont claim shit is their original content (smile precure presented as glitter force, a netflix original)

but yeah of all the netflix original shit, everything anime flavored is total shit.


Netflix tends to shit on anything anime they get their mitts on.



Watched Girls und Panzer: Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu!

I love those Eyeties and their crazy antics!





Up to which episode is the equivalent for the manga? Maybe I’ll watch from there.


Hell if I know but they’re at the final heroine, Kaede’s, arc (Shoko notwithstanding).


The actress/idol heroine.


That was the previous arc, episodes 9 & 10.


Nice. Thanks :3
The first arc’s too close to the manga so I didn’t bother continuing after the second episode.
But I did want to see more of the imoto.



I gave Island another try after dropping it 2 episodes in last time. The ending was a tear-jerker.


if you mean it because it was dumb and took forever getting there and overly complicated for no reason, then yes, it was a tear jerker

the only good things about island is their school uniforms, and the flat chested fluffy haired miko loli, sara


Flat chest twintails FTW!