The Animé Thread



Who knew Zombieland Saga would be the best investment of this year


I’m slowly warming up to anime Onion lol

The Random News Thread



Finished the main series of Mädchen und Panzer

Good show

Now I have to watch the OVAs and the films~


the bathing suit shopping ova made me fap a lot


You will love the theme park battle.


I’m now watching Hidamari Sketch

wrt Mädchen und Panzer, I’m not sure what to watch first: the beach OVAs or the battle of Anzio…


So Goblin Slayer ended. Here’s to another great concept spoiled by poor execution and pacing.

They should allow do-overs for situations like these


Um no sweetie, it still has two episodes left.


Why was there no mention of the next episode then at the ending??


They’re doing a recap episode then ep11 (and then ep12, I hope :P).
I’d be raging here already if I didn’t know lol


Could it be that Kudi never watched Hidamari Sketch before?


I started watching it about 7 or 8 years ago, but never finished it.

I’m watching the whole thing again, from the beginning.


I love how versatile Kaori Mizuhashi is :3
Enjoy the fluffy ride :3


Oh so then have an enjoyable watch, i did and finished it, certainly love Hidamari Sketch as a slice of life anime.
There are several anime that i didn’t watch sequel like shinryaku ika musume season 2, shakugan no shana season 3, zero no tsukaima season 4, Higurashi kira, Ghost in the shell season 2, steins gate zero, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza, Miname-ke sequel.


I watched it. But ONLY the final episode. The only case where I skipped the process and went straight through to the outcome. And I’s good I didn’t wast my time on the other episodes.


So was it a good outcome in the final episode? But yeah i heard they dragged it out instead of finishing it earlier i believe.


It was a good and happy end. But even so, No way I’ll look back to watch how they got there lol


same, and Geno und daarin been yelling at me about it ever since. It just looks like autistic madoka in her special ed class


It’s actually lightly funny, gives warm fuzzy feelings, makes your smile wider and there is some seriousness with my waifu at the end. Too bad they ended it where they did and didn’t continue.
Also the voice actor for yoshinoya sensei is dead though.
If the anime isn’t to your liking then don’t watch it, but it’s a goodly made slice of life anime.
Also nobody said that Yuno or other Hidamari sketch characters are autistic when i searched google.