The Animé Thread

nah fool, it was grandma who got ran over by a reindeer

See, you can do it if you try. Good girl.

Maybe later…

but ai wan pats nao!!!


headpats on cooldown

fine! I didnt need no gato to give me sauce, I dont need no gato to give me wholesome pats!


Fine, here’s one.


Wrapping up last season and will start the new season this week.

What is Sankaku-kun watching this season? I’m following only three shows so far:
One Punch Man, Hitoribocchi and Strike Witches 501. Hitoribocchi is promising, but overall a rather weak season this time.

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Senko-san, Yu-no, rest of Shield Hero, the short one about 3 girls who don’t talk, and the other short hentai about the washer at the bath house.

I like the one about the little tiger who doesnt talk while washing your back

Sounds cute…

tfw no-one seems to have subbed the English-language Hataraku Saibou! specials.

I rewatched Tsurezure Children. When it initially aired, I had just binged on the manga so I couldn’t help comparing it to the manga constantly and it soured the experience for me. Now that I’ve given it some time, I’m enjoying the anime a lot more. It fills me with good feels.

Also going through Record of Lodoss War for the first time.

Best couple.

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Zen HONK no tenshi no yoni~

I watched It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

Cute, until the part where Snoopy throws an egg at Woodstock as a gift, and you realise that since he’s a bird, that’s like throwing a dead baby at a human.

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