The Animé Thread



The animation quality is fucking HORSESHIT, but it’s pretty funny

deffo funnier than the more recent seasons of the live action show


I finished Violet Evergarden~
It was tumblr_piyyt5MbIx1x9d35po3_250


I crie too :sob:


Watching this show hurts, knowing I will never have a lolifox wash away all my worries. :cry:


Stop moping and find or make you one.


Okay, taking my sabbatical right now and going to Japan. But why settle for a fox when I can have a wolf? If you don’t hear from me in 5 weeks, send a search party to Hokkaido.


I’m coming with you.


Is this show any good?


Do you like:

  • kemonomimi
  • lolibaba
  • fluffy tail
  • being pampered
    Then yes. It’s basically a wish fulfillment slice of life, don’t expect much from it except healing.


NIce reference.



Finished Endro today. It’s kinda funny how one of the side characters saved everyone lol

Also cute opening~




Kemonofriends… …


…are you teasing me with lies because am dumb?


What does the fox say?


nothing you idiot! the fox is dead, he’s locked in my basement! [haha!]


Fluffiest show of the season~


PT lied, that was not kemono friends, I checked with the Googles and the Nyaas and figured it all out! Hmph!


I thought the fox got ran over by a Corvette not that I would have had anything to do with it.