The Animé Thread


It is not true, as some believe, that Japan adds European technique to a culture of her own. The truth rather is that European science and technics are just decked out with the peculiar characteristics of Japanese civilization.

Does this describe animé, which despite its uniquely Japanese form can easily be traced back to Western animation?


Saw the non non biyori movie. I laughed, I cried. It was beautiful.

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Get hyped!


Fucking Kyubey up to his old tricks.

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woah hey now, new madoka?! am all out of the loop, fill me in gatito






Wataten ended. Anime of the season.

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Asuka was my personal favorite of the season. The animation was bad and it really won’t have mass appeal, but it ticks all the right boxes for me and I’ve been following the manga for some time(I have all the currently released volumes). I’m glad the fan translations picked up again after the anime started.

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Wataten is aots


They got isekai’d then died and went to heaven?!


That’s cooler than what actually happened, but it was just a daydream the main character was having lol


now this is a naruto I’d, like, totally watch!


Finished Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai~
They’re all cute, and Shirogane is very moé, but Ishigami is just too adorbs ;-;
I just want to go “yoshi yoshi” all the time ;д;


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Had a normie friend asking if the jojo anime is good. Fuck Finally, he’ll watch something that isn’t dragon ball/berserk/fairy tail/ Naruto/ bleach.



one of these isn’t like the other


Watched some of the Trailer Park Boys animé

My favourite part was where they stuck a tapeworm up Randy’s arse

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is April

I must watch Your Lie In April

and cry

and cry some more

and then cry a lot more

much, oh so much much more