The Animé Thread



Where is Girly Air Force and Ueno-san?


I might pick up Ueno-san since it’s short, but I don’t have that much free time.


So decided to watch naruto shippuden where i left it and now i reached episode 225 found a list of fillers so i decided to skip the fillers from now on. Wanted to watch it on crunchyroll but subs don’t work so anime-planet it is at least the subs there work and it seems like it’s crunchyroll player anyway. Somehow don’t feel like downloading bigger anime that have over 200 episodes. I feel like finishing this anime. So no fillers start again from episode 243.
Also a huge problem with this anime are flashbacks there were a lot of em in the previous not filler episodes.


Ueno-san’s male lead is kinda a turn off but Ueno herself is quite funny. I wouldn’t call it a must-watch but it is amusing.
What to watch this season?
I’m following:
Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!
Ueno-san wa Bukiyou
Also Kemono Friends 2 because I must watch following seasons out of responsibility.


Y’all better watch Kaguya-sama or so help me god.


Shoot I almost forgot about Kemono Friends s2! It’s been so long…


I just imagined an alt scene where it was Azusa who sang a solo acoustic song to the girls to celebrate their graduation and made myself cry a little



dem whoremoans

No matter how many times I watch this, it never stops being hilarious.


I-I just happen to have a very vivid imagination and am sensitive, baka!! >///<

also vidya unavaiblable


That’s what you get for livin’ in America!




For me, the video is very available, and in glorious 144p!


kundi dont buli me! I just shared something very endearing and cute, you should encourage such things, not buli them




That FUCKING Konata hand.


dunki pls


Do you want some too?



It’s an honor to be pet by Konata.


I can watch it as well.
That poor waitress.


why aint’ya supposed to eat tempura after eating watermelon? asking for keyon reasons