The Animé Thread



started Aho Girl

I relate to Yoshiko at a deep spiritual level :3c


holy fucking god

rip braincells


it cute tho! I wish I was cute and stupid like Yoshiko


You’re already halfway there!


If you could only read our stuff in our GC. You’d correct yourself.

I say she’s only a few sneezes away.


I wish :confused:

am too smart to be blissfully ignorant and be surprised and enjoy the little things in life, but not smart enough to accomplish anything.

and even after losing more weight and get in shape, I’d still have to invest time and money in surgeries to be somewhat cute, but then of course I’d still be tall and awkward af so even if I get halfway there, it’ll be a pathetic halfway



If she’s a (sexy) spy, why does she have elf ears?


to eavesdrop easilier, duh!


lol dumbass dont even have feet


Only smart people can see her feet


nice try Hans Christian Andersen


Waiting for uncensored BD if it ever comes.



not the good wow-am-so-excited fuck, it’s bad the should’ve-went-with-a-side-story-instead fuck.


Why does he have banana hair and is a manlet?


Most non-ecchi/harem mecha MCs these days are like that.


Could be a girl. We thinking the pilot’s Vidar and Julia’s kid lol


[laughs in jazz]


It’s a mobile game lol