The Animé Thread



Please don’t.


Only watched Bunny Senpai, Yuru Camp and Asobi Asobase out of this list. Dropped Takagi-san and Hataraku Saibou. Yuru Camp was definetly my favourite in 2017. It inspired many easly influenceable idiots to go to the nature. Including me, I went to the forest at night to drink beer last winter. It wasn’t cozy at all, just dark, cold and scary. Planning to do this again :3
Speaking of imoutos, Olivia might be the imouto of 2017.


Olivia is a precious thing, and best imouto for sure.

Every time the onii-chan is an otaku is the butt of the joke and the imouto thinks he’s a loser and gross, but not Olivia, she loves and cherishes her onii-chan because he’s fun and she’s pure

I wish Olivia-san would rape me


What about Hanako?


she’s a retarded onee-chan, but she’s fun and cute in her very own plain autistic way


They both don’t even know about procreation - the very definition of pure maidens.


but Olivia has spicy armpits and tits, as as a beaner I must love her


…Where is the connection? :thinking:


mexicans like spicy stuff?


Oh right, yes.

Then again, the only Mexican food I ever consumed is Tequila and Desperados.


Desperado is a movie ya dingus!


It’s called a despacito.


But that’s where you’re wrong kiddo.


It is this beer that supposedly tastes like tequila (it doesn’t). It tastest like beer with a shot of lime. Nasty stuff - in a bad way. Just looked it up on wikipedia, it is brewed by a certain dutch brewery. My bad.


By law Tequila can only be made in certain parts of Mexico so by putting Tequila on the label they are violating county of origin laws that the EU has agreed to.


Tequila, Jalisco. To be exact

is like Champagne, unless of course you as a tiny asterisk next to the big word TEQUILA and the asterisk reads -like product-


It says “flavoured with tequila”


Those are some weird but understandable laws.



Goblin Slayer wasn’t exceptional in any particular way, but the ending was exceptional.