The Animé Thread


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In which we discuss what animé we’re watching~


NB: Any of the following are acceptable


Great manga, mediocre anime.


As soon as I saw that acute diacritic thing I knew this was a Kudi thread.


nyoro~n :3

(i wanted to add that to the poll, but it would have become too big >.< )





That’s not yet possible :3


Better than I thought it would be and it’s genuinely funny.news_tjtPuzFsFEhlJHU


Managed to catch up seitokai yakuindomo to what was released. Good fun watch. Now next i decided to go for Shin Sekai Yori still have to start watching it though



I finished watching the first season of Seitokai Yakuindomo just a few weeks ago. I started it in 2012 >.>


Wanted to actually watch Fafner mecha anime but couldn’t find real links to a torrent of the dvd version or files of it.


There seems to be a torrent for the DVD version on nyaa, but it only has one seeder…


of course it would be a kundi thread, as he the only homo that writes anime in such a way

currently watching lesbian volleyball series, harukana something, idk lots of butts and boobs, totally awesome. and being a dutiful waifu to dan hibiki and watching all the gataris


It’s the best way to spéll things


you’re triggering my beanerness!!!



Or maybe tríggering?



So the best animé in history is now on Hulu…


Yah it sure is isn’t it?


Holy mother of fuck. They skipped the Goblin King arc.
Give me back my hype and excitement, White Fox -_-