Specific permissions



What is the specific permissions and how we can have it ?


What do you mean? Could you explain your situation in more detail?


When I open some posts I see this :
“You don’t have the permissions required to view this image.”


For now, my best guess is that post might have contained a tag “blocked_artist”. It would mean that the artist that made this image has made a valid DMCA request and artworks listed under his name are blocked from view. Could you link me an example?


example : post: 1754574


Hmm, somehow it was tagged with “toddlercon” even though that boy looks like a shota for me… I’ve removed the problematic tag for now, can you view the post right now?

Also, please try viewing that post using Beta.


The problem solved (but not in beta), Thanks a lot for your notice !
But yet there is a question : If this problem happened again what I should to do ? because in that case I can,t edit tags .
Please note this wiki :


(A more extreme form of lolicon and shotacon, revolving around very young children and even babies. Toddlers are 12 to 36 months old.

For some reason only users with specific permissions can view these posts on this website. Error message if for users who do not have said permissions: “You don’t have the permissions required to view this image.”)
I want have that “specific permissions” , but I don,t know how ?