Sankaku dream thread

I had a weird vivid dream where I was in some kind of festival/gathering area similar to what you would see in VR spaces. A lot of eclectic groups being cheery. I was laying down and Aqua was straddling me and I asked her if she would have sex with me and she agreed for $100 (of course that slut goddess would be cheap). But then there was a giant Thanos interrupting everyone’s festivities and I transformed into a cat and climbed up his back to remove a crown that he was wearing that made him invulnerable. Everyone was able to gang up on him and take him down. People were congratulating me on saving the day but I said something about Aqua being my good luck charm (???).


Did you watch Konosuba and Infinity Wars back to back recently? :3 Just curious.

No, I don’t watch capeshit.

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I dont think any of them wear capes, tho. maybe I haven’t paid attention

Lol XD Is that what they call those movies these days?

Not all heros wear capes.

calm down Edna Mode.

I keep having dreams of finding Classic Space themes Lego sets at the store. This time I even asked myself if this was a dream!

I was 16 again, back home
Getting ready for school
We had a big mirror in the living room for some reason
I was very nervous and scared
It was gonna be my first day in school dressed as a girl
My hair is dyed blonde and straightened
See my oldest brother in the reflection
Standing behind me
Serious look
Get more scared
Gives me a big hug and kisses me on the cheek
I grab his hands
We look at each other on the mirror
“You look beautiful, like model. That’s what Mom would’ve said”
Smiling holding tears
Get your ass to school
Wake up
No snow day, have work
Waiting for the bus

Wish my brothers would’ve loved me


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again I was back home, only this time I was roaming the downtown area of my hometown.

usually dreams about my hometown are scary because they’re always at night, and the cartels have begun closing down streets to catch and murder people (which for a while, they were doing irl) so it was always a race against time to find a route home without getting killed.

this dream however, the cartels had all been killed, so the town had descended into a purge type night, where everything would go except for murder, so there was a lot of plundering and partying going around.

At this point I hadn’t been back home since 2011 (which is true, by the way) and as I was carrying around a box of loot I came across my old school. All the nuns had been killed (surprise, they were part of the cartels) and an impromptu party was going on. I needed a place to crash anyway, so I went in to party and take over a classroom to pass the night.

As am passing thru the crowd I see an old friend in the distance. I try to hide away as I haven’t seen him since 2011 and never came out to him, but he saw me, and starts dashing towards me. Am scared and feel a punch coming.

Instead he hugs me. Very tightly, He’s crying. And hugs me all the way as we walk the hallway into a classroom where I put my loot down and we chat. He’s genuinely happy to see me and has missed me. I’ve missed him to (I really do) then other old friends come it, bringing furniture from the nuns’ home into my classroom so now we have a living room and food and a tv which somehow is playing old school MTV (so we got music lol) and we’re drinking communion wine (not the best but hey, is what the nuns had)

I was a happy/bittersweet dream, and really odd considering the whole purge element to it.

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I had this dream like a month ago though I forgot to post it

It was about Peter from family guy getting abducted by aliens and tortured by having to watch weird alien porn and the Cleveland show.




Haven’t dreamed much lately, but today i remember dreaming of many cats and cuddling with them.

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I keep having a recurring dream where I yell at mom over the smallest thing.

It’s weird cause I’m practically mad at her.

I dreamt that I got my chevy cavalier back T^T

I dreamt I had a really long makeout session with my childhood crush. Wouldn’t mind that one again~

i had a dream where i had a bunch of animals likes a goat,pig, and border collies

the pig or goat was biting my heels for some reason.

Ive been sleeping too much and at random times, my sleep scheduel right now is non-existant and I have no energy at all

am starting to get worried, feels dif from depressoin or physically being ill

also been dreaming a lot about my childhood home, neighborhood and school, and those dreams are always incredibly emotional

What time is it where you’re at?