Sankaku dream thread



Last night I dreamt that my rabbit came back.

I just realized its not a dream.


just woke up from a dream where i was on a boat, but the boat happened across a more threatening boat that could sail among the mist (fog), the boat i was on ended up getting raided. A battle ensued, and after finding a bush to hide in, i ended up watching this guy, using a long spear, basically fight his way past a bunch of lackys just to find himself up against the leader. The leader was a tall looming figure covered in a white pointy armor, his movements matched the fighter’s, until his spear broke immediately trying to strike the armor. Upon losing he was captured and the ship i was on was left barren, i survived by hiding in some bushes nearby, and decided at that point to travel to different places to find more about the white armor fiend and rescue the man. my dream more or less switched it’s viewpoint to the captured man and his experiences being near the white armor thing.


Stop playing Sea of Thieves.


Basically my dreams always relate to the game i was playing before bed
Usually it’s just me mining diamonds


but that’s a bad game why would i be playing that


Because it’s what your twitch subscribers requested?


I had a dream that I was back to normal.

I feel like my dreams have to do with things I want.


Had a dream I was in some huge fancy house and a bunch of people were visiting.
There was all kinds of art on the walls etc and statues etc in the main hall.
Everyone was dressed kinda formal it was some kind of party or something as there was food etc.
There was this loud Max headroom looking guy I’m talking a bow tie and everything who was hitting on some trashy looking chick by the table he was kinda annoying.
I go to the next room and there was a grey Persian cat that was followed by a little loli girl dressed in Japanese cloths with long black hair in a hime cut that was so long that a foot or two trailed behind her.
I then head up the stairs there was some woman with short blonde hair dressed like a banker who was talking on a cell phone.
I don’t remember the rest of it though.
I swear the house and some aspects of the setting had been in my dreams once before.
Wasn’t an unpleasant dream just lot of somewhat odd imagery.


I had a nightmare where there was something wrong with my toilet and every poo I’d taken over the years had coalesced into one giant poo that was rising out of the bowl.

At certain points in the dream, it seemed that it might have been sentient.

I ended up searching for household chemicals that would dissolve it, but I woke up before finding out whether they worked.


That’s the worst part.

Did you try talking to it?


I spend enough time talking to pieces of shit on these forums lmfao get #rekt niggas amirite


Seems like a very Kudi kind of dream.


Lmao touché


The last two nights I’ve been having dreams of being in Japan but not being able to go to Akihabara.

Then this morning I see Cup Noodles has a contest with Jump Force where you can win a trip to Japan. :thinking:


Japan is telling you to stay away from its otaku heart you weeb scum


Okay liberal…


Heh Higurashi dreams that i don’t remember much but it’s was more about hanging out and having fun with Kei, Rena and Satoko. Could have been Rika too but that was another dream, something about friendship, there were only little hints to Higurashi seriousness with those eyes lol but nothing fatal ever happened. So 2 times dreaming about Higurashi in a very short time. Better install the Higurashi Hou ch4 of the visual novel with the voice and graphics patches mods now on the pc. As i read it up to ch 3 and kinda had a break from it, but it kept bothering me that i didn’t continue the rest of the hou chapters. I own it up to ch. 6 on GOG and i just read the news not long ago that chapter 7 is almost ready to go into beta!