Sankaku Confessions, Off My Chest & Unpopular Opinions


What if it was Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi?


I’d rather just reencarnate as a cute genki jap loli and take it from there


you’ll be “taking it” alright
unzips dick


Pretty much. I can drive 20 minutes from my place and see 10 within a mile of each other.


hmm, out of the 60 or so trannies at the event I went, maybe 5 were black (properly black) unless you wanna count brown beaners as black, then it’d be about 1/3


I think the schools that having been cranking out this latest generation of website designers who go for looks over fuctionality and often insisting on making it look like a phone app need to have a MOAB dropped on them.
Then have the CIA and Mossad hunt down all their graduates and threaten to take a hammer to their hands if they don’t stop making shitty sites.


You can thank H1B poos for that.


They need to go back to where ever they came from because their work is bad and they should feel bad.


^This is basically me but more normie. Well I’ve always been a bit of a normie but I don’t even like video games now.


I’ve been thinking about my family lately.

Much as I try, I I don’t feel guilty about not missing them, or about being so much calmer and happier without them. If anything I only regret having been so passive and turning the other cheek all those years, I should’ve fought back and hurt them, and def should’ve just ran away as soon as I got my residency card and social security.


Not sure if I’ve shared this before, but basically at my brokest point of a broken-working-student life, I ran out of soap and toothpaste a good week+ before payday, and I was miserable.

It sucks so hard when you can’t be properly clean and makes being broke all the more depressing. So after I bounced back I made sure every time I had an extra money I’d buy toiletries and cleaning supplies, so now I always have several months worth of hygiene products, so no matter how broke I may be I can still be clean and feel good about myself, and it helps curve my anxiety too, knowing I always have the means to keep myself, my clothes and my place clean, no matter what else is going on with my moneys.


confession i haven’t showered in over a week



dang homu go shower



im planning on showering before i go see my brother and other relatives


إن شاء الله‎


god aint got nothing to do with that! ingga jump in the shower and turn on the water! aint that hard and y’all holding the miracle line for kids with butt cancer, the fucking nerve! >:(


but im a dog i hate water


I make sure to take a shower or bath everyday.


to be fair, he probably doesn’t smell any worse than the average persian