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There are fucking MILLIONS of black trannies

I’ve heard that every other prostitute in American cities is a black tranny.


am just going by /r/backpeopletwitter


Newsflash: Nigs lie, especially on Nigtwitter.


Then what is RuPaul?


a drag queen, huge difference, and he’s a known transphobe


@motaku96 Look at you procucking ways made us do.


I’d the wife in the pic if you know what I mean.
The husband is probably some cuck who gives his every waking moment to the company while his wife goes neglected.
It’s a moral obligation to see to it her needs are taken care of.


So the husband, who is doing his best to provide for the person he loves, is at fault, and the morally corrupt slut wife’s needs have to be take care of?


Maybe she should get a divorce if she hates her current lifestyle so much, instead of being a backstabbing leech



Sky pls…


I was mostly being sarcastic.
Though that said if someone does have a relationship they should make an effort to have a work life balance if they wish to keep said relationship a healthy one.
Especially if there are children involved as they’ll become little droogs without parental supervision unless they’re rich enough to have a nanny.


Of course, but don’t forget that in japan lots of women use marriage to stop working(if they take care of the house properly, i don’t really mind, but their husbands will be overworked either way, because that’s how things are there)


Thots need to be patrolled.


I feel like I’m becoming more a mixture of a normie and a otaku everyday…


It be like that if you have a good job and social/love life.


I’m saying you’re right, maddam.


Yeah and being a social butterfly doesn’t help my case much either XD


That pic made me laugh.


when you finally accept that you’ll never be a cute genki japanese high schooler who gets to spend the night at school with her friends prepping for the school festival, is there even a point to go on living?


Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)

Yes because you might reincarnate as a slime.


What if it was queen slime?