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Those silly games like hole io?


Yep and a few others if I recall.


I think the leaders of the free world are really screwing up royally and no I’m not just talking the political ones I’m also questioning the logic behind those who run the financial and tech sectors as well.


not muski-senpai tho, he hella smart and cute


Well even he seems to be making few mistakes such as are electric cars really greener when they use a lot of cobalt and are earth metals and connecting critical systems to the internet is asking for bad things to happen.


I love seeing Char’s update notices, see his posts grow and grow, and then collapse back to a simple post <3


Damn, boss said all that shit, and none of it about me? lol


He was going to but never got around to it.


Thursday was the first time in my life, other than when my mom died, that I literally cried myself to sleep.

I cant say it was one thing that got me crying but more like a little thing with a student set me off at the end of the day and by the time I got to bed I was a wreck and a bunch of things just came pouring out and I just let it happen.

Thursday was the day back to school for the kids and we made it an easy fun day for them, which of course this one turd took as -I can do whatever I want-, this kid has lots of issues but on top of that he’s an arrogant little shit who has an entitled ass and goes on random tirades on us, and often times zeroes in on me for some reason. Last semester I kicked him out of the classroom and took away his computer, which he used to accuse me of hitting him.

The principal calmed him down and nothing came from it, as obviously am still working there and they know I dont go around hitting children and he is an entitled shit. Still, the kid holds it over my head and every time I give him instructions he starts going on on how he can get me fired and he’s gonna accuse me of hitting him again.

For further context, his teacher (6th grade) resigned over Christmas break, is a long story but basically a mom complained about an assignment they did in class because it offended her, and the principal demanded the teacher to apologize and to submit all his lessons to her for approval from that point on. This guy had a perfect 20 year record with no complaints and every kid in the school loved him. So I know that the principal is shit (the admin is shit, so many things to write at once here) so I feel she will hold this kid’s bullshit on me for the end of the year, but is not doing anything now cuz you don’t wanna lose the beaner tranny, that’s a diversity quota and gold star right there for her and the school.

I think that was my catalyst, from there on I went down the rabbit hole thinking about how much I wanna get the fuck out of Denver, people here are assholes and is too expensive for the boring ass city it is. But I can’t fucking catch a break with money and with surgeries looming this year idk if I’ll be able to afford moving out.

The roommate is moving out soon which is great, but now am in the process of finding someone to take over her part of the lease, else the rest of us would be stuck with an extra $200 each on rent, or if the boys find a new tenant, it’ll be another fucking fitlhy stoner or basket case, so am very nervous about that.

I got a few friends irl but never see them. Is hard to hang with people when you dont have a car, and the reality is not many people are willing or care to go hang otu with you or pick you up and help you out. I know it sounds childish to want to be cared like that, but maybe I see it as bullshit when someone insists am so funny to hang out with and zomg I luv your friendship, but then am only willing to hang out with you if you make your way to me, even tho is easier and faster for me to drive to you and hang with you. So is disheartening when I realize that my circle of friends is all fucked up and I keep feeling guilty about not -putting the effort-

and of course the daily self loathing over everything I am and constant wish I would just die

cant say I feel better now, I never really feel good or happy, am just in a perpetual meh state. I finally decided to accept that life is shit and I can’t escape the whole I’m in, and I’ll continue in my job until I die. I’ll move out of Denver first chance I get, but this is the only job I ever qualify for, so I’ll do it and remove myself from the world the rest of the day, hopefully die in my sleep and have them find my body a week later or something. I no longer have any grandiouse dreams or goals, honestly just wanna make rent and have a pizza from time to time and hope to die.

am rambling at this point, I’ll end the post here, thank you for reading


that sucks

i didnt realize being a teacher could be so hard


am a teacher’s aide mate, am the lowest tier and most underpaid position there is in education

but in general education is a field with no love, low wages, zero respect and ridiculous expectations. any job that involves helping others in any way will suck your soul dry and doesnt pay (money or otherwise)


The problem with education is that if politicians spend more money on it, it would take years to get a return on investment, and then someone else would probably be in power and would be able to take the credit. It’s a waste, politically speaking.

If you want to do well in a democracy, spend money on something that brings instant results! Don’t waste it on kids who won’t be in the workforce until 10 years from now!


that, but also the people in charge of making policies are those whose background rarely is in education. most admin study to be admin and have never taught, or only did for a few years while they got their masters or phd in admin.

for me in special education is even more frustrating cuz admin rarely has any fucking background in sped, so they want us to implement and run our shit under gened guidelines, which is so fucking not how it works, or worse, they wanna go by the book on some sped seminar they took when again, they have no clue how things work in a sped classroom, and then is our fault the kids are not improving. What they dont see is that yes, they are not improving academically (cuz they tards) but they dont notice how they kid is no longer punching people or now a tantrum lasts 5 min instead of 5 hours


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