Sankaku Confessions, Off My Chest & Unpopular Opinions


His head was simply in chaos due to the loyalty conflict he had when Ichi was making enemies on SanCom. He turned awfully nasty because of it though…


Yah that was it though only part of what he said.


I was taking a break from the forums when they left, and although I remember that I read the posts from the time I wasn’t here when I came back, I really don’t remember any of it (´・ω・`)


He also had a high degree of loyalty towards aneko. It was to a point where I think he was basically just her puppet after she was removed from her moderator position for a second time. And one of the results of that was him doing things that got him fired as a mod, which in turn resulted in the great drama.

Basically, he obeyed females who told him what to do.


PT banned me one time for like 30 minutes because I was being extra cheeky about ze rrrrruuuurrrruus :3c

I was actually proud of that, made me feel like a real part of sancom after many years of being here :3


I was banned by Aneko for a week (or was it a few days?) because I voted against her in that weird animé character elimination game we had.

I don’t think she lasted long after that.


I think I got banned 48 hours by her once for questioning something and talking back.


Was the explanation vague and subjective?


What do you think?


I’m temporarily done with long video games. The only long game I have left in my pile is Octopath Traveler. I’m just gonna focus on shorter games in my collection. At least for a month, or so.


I don’t like video games.


video games are wasted on me, I may play them for a day or two and then I dont care again. the best thing for me is doing online flash games, free and enough for my attention spam


Flash games are too easy for me. Especially stuff like Candy Crush. I do like Mobage and Gacha games though.


I go to addictinggames and do a lot of the puzzle, shooter and strategy games

the escape the room games are very relaxing and good when my mind is racing and I cant calm down


I do like those shooter games. Especially the side scrolling ones.


my fave (admittedly really dumb) are the bloon tower defend and the ricochet series


Those kind are fun too. I see virtual youtubers playing those a lot.


What do you spend your money on?


Yeah, everyone has a hobby.


Anime/Manga and Books.