Sankaku Confessions, Off My Chest & Unpopular Opinions


When you had to ask her a second time should have been the warning sign already lol


Keep in mind I also had multiple accounts throughout the years and was able to friend the same people multiple times without the reaction Icha had.


TBH, the way she threw shade on me back in the last Spousu Tourney that made me rage quit, I don’t know why I even bothered with her.


She could just have told him that she didn’t want to friend him, tbf

Yes >.<
Like when some women ignore messages instead of just saying “don’t contact me again”
It’s like other people are obligated to know what they feel and want when they don’t even make any effort to understand others


That time when she just went off on @msgundam2 when he didn’t even engage with her. :joy:


I totally forgot Antika is a super SJW now.


No surprise, she had those leanings when she spoke about Sweeden.


Kind of glad we’ve driving out the super lefties here. Same token I don’t miss Gantz and Blitz too much though I prefer them over the former.


was antiweeaboo and antiveli the same user? or am I imagining things


I use to mock his ebonic mannerisms. Same with the other guy why I forgot his name.


Yes. I think he was one of the ones who got banned by Ichi, thus the name change.


That was JUICY though. I’ll never forget that episode.


I kind of miss anti. He really put some people in their place.


She was a flake though. That much was obvious. Let them come to you, not the other way around.



The parting shot was really good. He fucking HATED me lol.



This is the most memorable post from the old forums.


What about when Boss roasted everyone that was hilarious?


I have a screenie of that too lol. Good memories.


It was funny that he thought I was the toxic presence on the forums, but all the drama and hatred went away after he did.