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Anego, nneK and Akeno…


wasnt there a neko musume user long long ago?


M I N N is a BLM faggot now.


I seen the name Toto on a lot of urinals and they make those fancy sound and light toilets.


OK Pantsu, this definitely turned into a good thread. Kudos.


's what I do [picture unrelated]


lol h-ero

guys was genuinely full of hatred wasn’t he. and i thought i was bad

ichi and h-ero were made for each other


ichi just rode him like the he-bitch he was and he enjoyed it, thinking it would eventually get him some ichi tiddy


I liked calling her those names :3

But I’m trying to remember where nneK comes from. I either wrote it while intoxicated and stuck with it since it tickled my funny bone, or (more likely) noticed someone horribly misspelling someone else’s name and decided to do the same for her.

I tended to feel more pity than hatred for him.


and that’s where Kundi and Dukeh came from :3c


This was how I see that.


Aneko seemed to like me for some reason, but I get the feeling I occasionally got on her nerves. Not enough to make her hate, but just make her face palm.

Ichi and H Ero were just a bit much for me. I’m just kinda glad they’re gone.


I don’t get why the dislike for Heroman, he was like the otouto to Mr. Cheese’s imouto.


He was a beta orbitor who did Ichi’s bidding. Don’t you remember their mod fiasco?


I remember him orbiting Icha, no so much the mod thing.


to me the annoying thing about him was that he’d always take ichi’s side/defend her over nonsense, and would always be all edge in his posts, rarely get the joke/get butthurt easily, and never knowing when to drop it and move on.

it was annoyance more than hate

but I do see him as one person who could realistically go postal one day over irl issues mixed with online drama/let his online edge spill to his real life and go postal. I hope he doesnt tho, really hope he found a community where he’s doing better and finally got a chill


I’m just salty that Ichi considers me trying to friend her FB a few times in like 4 years is harassment.


Ask for friendship, but if they decline, end it there. The Sims taught me that lol
Even if you somebody as a friend, it doesn’t mean they feel the same towards you.


But I only friended her like 4 times at most and half the time she accepted. Plus I didn’t know you can reject requests and I assumed people ignore messages since I got that a lot with other friends. I know that lesson now but still. I like for people to be more upfront from the get go.


Be glad that it didn’t happen in the current year, or she would have called it rape :joy: