Sankaku Confessions, Off My Chest & Unpopular Opinions


Yah I miss him as well and a few others.


cuz he only has mobile signal but not proper internet and it would be too expensive to go on sancom on mobile all the time cuz pinoi internet is made out of coconuts


He was on the discord channel


that was duterte tricking you


There’s actually a good reason Geno hasn’t been on in a while. Let’s just say internet quality in the Philippines sucks


I literally said that goshdarnit!!!



Nuh uh, it’s because he moved and they take for3ver setting up the internet at his new place. Tell him to set up PayPal donations so he can use a net cafe.


My bad, I didn’t bother to read your post at all~




My my how naughty of me~,


that is not proper behavior for a cute imouto!!



Whoops~ Maybe I’ll remember not to be naughty again, but probably not~


why are you being like this?! is almost as if our precious maski-chin finally hit puberty and is no longer the bubbly innocent genki imouto we know and love :’<



I’ve been fairly cheeky for the past 3 years, or so. I guess you just haven’t noticed? :thinking:


Am on a very bad episode right now, tho it was expected.

May is a hugely triggering month for me, and even tho am mostly level headed and can keep myself above water, is just too many things in May that come together at once, and knowing is coming up always fucks me up in April.

Plus am very dissatisfied with life in general, even tho am in a decent place career wise.

going back and forth wishing I’d died or kill myself, and then wanting to enjoy life and be happy

how do people live happy life when everythign is shitty?


By focusing on the few things, I do have control over in my life.
Also my condolences… I hope things improve for you.


thank you

I try that, but then I feel guilty and worthless for trying to be in control

I guess that’s more related to my upbringing and conditioning, plus to be honest I’m shit about self control in various areas of my life

I wish I was normal


By believing in the me that believes in you.


gato pls lol

thank you for the sentiment, tho


Accept that life is going to be shitty no matter what and just enjoy what you have and appreciate the things that do make you happy but more importantly, look for avenues that will add to that, even if it seems impossible.

You’ve been doing this so far. I hope you’d continue with that path.