Sankaku Confessions, Off My Chest & Unpopular Opinions


Robot AI waifus are the future we need.


unlikely I’ll live to see them become mainstream and/or affordable for me


Your $1000 a month UBI will be enough to pay for it. YangGang 2020.


lack of routine is terrible for depression

That’s why being a hikki NEET is a vicious cycle


I have to admit YangGang 2020 would be pretty catchy campaign slogan though some people might think it’s the title to a porno flick.

I think Pantsu needs to get a hobby or a pet.


I have hobbies, just havent had the space to do them.

cant afford a pet tho, much as I wish I could


Put in for a sub and for a day off tomorrow. Been crying for a good hour now. I need a day off for mental health.

Prolly gonna clean the yard a bit to move and feel better. I think the Capitol building is free to visit. May do that if the weather is nice




my gofundme suddenly jumped from 15 shares on facebook to 41

I dont think I know 15 people, much less 41

so if anyone here is responsible for that, thank you :’) I’ve been getting discouraged but is nice to see someone cares enough to spread it around.



This is going to surprise some people, but…

Once in a blue moon, I’ll listen to a girl with just the right kind of Scottish accent (there are lots of them up there) and I’ll think: “her accent is pretty sexy”

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90% just sound like they drank 12 bottles of buckfast (20% alcohol and a fuckload of caffeine) tho

usually because most of them have just drunk 12 bottles of buckfast


how do you feel about Rose Leslie?


With her incredibly English-sounding accent?

tbh, there are cuter redheads out there


What about the siren voice of an Irish lass?


they all sound like this to me


Not sure what exactly they’re ranting about but I don’t think they like John Paul very much.


I’d like to see Gordon Ramsey do a porno, mostly to hear what he says while eating pussy


i miss geno!!!

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he’s on fb only for some reason