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I miss you too we should play league sometime.

I m-mean I dont miss anyone cause of my psychosis.


I miss you…


Also Im always here.


since we’re approaching 2020, we should bring back fun shit of the roaring 20’s, particularly flapper skirts, bootleg liquor and kangaroo boxing


Decided to take antidepressants for the first time in my life

Far better results than I thought there’d be. Not euphoric but I have a lot more energy, which makes me wonder if depression killed my energy for such a length of time that I accepted that as the new normal.

Guess we’ll wait several weeks and see.


you know what i miss of old sancom? the -chinese ______ exploded- articles


I don’t miss the excessive lolicons, otaku cringe and other dumb shit in SanCon’s past.


Please elaborate…


you gotta admit sancom was lowkey semi-pedo back then, shit got us banned in a couple of countries


I miss those kind of stories too.

I also miss how lively the forums were back then and I wonder what happened to some of of those people.


tho breaking the site with the Sancocm University thread was wild and fun af, I actually prefer the forums as they are now.

would like it if a couple peeps came back, but am ok as things are


They don’t get many views

i was surprised by that too


Same here that’s how I found Sancom was via a like to a China story.


Because most of Sancon readers are from China lmao.


for all the censored/blocked internet china does, am surprised sancom roams free


A surprising amount are!


Then I’m surprised how much my Xi the pooh post got up voted then as I figure the mainlanders would have down voted it.


it was the tibetans and taiwaneseses who upvoted


ya know, anime with long absurd over explanatory titles need to make a comeback


I was thinking today,

Depression really hits me hard on weekends, which is when I really feel lonely and suicidal and I tend to overeat and really not take proper care of myself. Meds have been helping but mostly is to keep my mind from racing and not go into endless repetitive and harmful thoughts. Also I can sleep better because I can put a stop to my mind in a way, and I don’t spend hours racing thru angry and depressing thoughts.

Weekends is when I don’t have a set schedule, nothing to do, often have no money to do anything fun or go to events, and as I do most of whatever shopping I need during the week, I mostly spend the day home, or at most I walk to the nearby 7-Eleven and Safeway for extra groceries or junk food and overindulge in junk.

My roommates are cool but because they work at a movie theater they are out most of the weekend, so am mostly on my own. Which can be fine as I get a chance to clean and work on the yard and such, but there’s only so much I can do around the house before I run out of things to do.

I hope once the chungus is out and I have the living room back I get to do crafts and writing and drawing and yoga and shit. But still I feel very lonely on weekends.

For a while now I’ve also felt like I’d like to be back in a relationship. A real relationship. Much as I love teasing Dan Hibiki about it and would like to imagine it was a real thing, I know our relationship is really a platonic friendship and an artistic collaboration. And am ok with it, he’s a darling person to me and I love having him in my life.

But then when I think about a relationship, the reality is I have nothing to offer anyone. Much as people tell me am funny and cute and all that shit, really when I love someone I am incredibly annoying and clingy and needy, not to mention I am boring as fuck, fat and ugly, absolutely insecure about my body and physical intimacy will be impossible for a while after surgery.

I have no money or car or any real possibility of advancement in my job, and other than maybe going to the movies or a museum, all I want is to be at home all day, so really I got nothing to offer anyone.

Honestly I have no clue how I ever had girlfriends, is almost like I stumbled into relationships or something. And I’ve been single for so long that I have no idea if I could function in a relationship anymore. Not to mention that at my age all the prospects are other bitter losers like me, or multiple divorces, tons of kids, lots of baggage and really those who are economically fucked up like me tend to also have lots of drug or legal issues (those with a good career or money only look into their level)

I’ve been crying a lot in my sleep lately, too. Usually I do it once or twice a month, is kinda my body’s defense mechanism as I rarely cry on my own when I really need to (emotional cry, not anime/movie cry) but this month I’ve cried in my sleep a good 7/10 days