Sankaku Confessions, Off My Chest & Unpopular Opinions


There are times I would agree with you on that and sometimes I even want to smite this world myself.


Oh I see like a fusion of those two but there still would be no hime cut.


SHE MUST HAVE A HIME CUT IN ALL CATEGORIES. It is haram to think otherwise.


I wonder did any sancom member ever have a himecut I think Amy sorta did at one point?


That emo girl from Hungry.


Yah I forgot her name and I think it actually was one vs just long hair with blunt bangs.


wasn’t she Satan?



I do sometimes~(since I always procrastinate on cutting my fringe, it goes through several kinds of styles until I end up cutting it again, and sometimes I do a hime cut, and sometimes just a simple straight fringe)



Looking back, none of the girls had true hime cut, just straight bangs.


Straight bangs are acceptable.


gay bangs are better


They definitely are.


mio is the lesser of the keyons


Mio has a true hime cut though.

This is when we disagree.


True Mio has an actual himecut but Azusa is the best K-ON.


wow you both are shit, ritsu and mugi are best keyons


Everyone seems to be doing a great job at letting out their confessions despite how sad and pathetic they really are, so I will give it my best.

I always thought by the time I turned thirty I would be double-double preggers (two sets of twins) with another queer traveler. We would live in a liberal sanctuary where the schools are exceptional and the nearest grocery store is ten minutes further than the nearest farmer’s market. I’d be working in a company where people felt comfortable taking instructions from me, and I felt comfortable conversing with them. My bride would be home with the twins’ giving them the loving and peaceful childhood I wish I had.

What has happened so far (I’m not thirty anytime soon) is:
•Like Pantsu-neesan I don’t have many friends outside of work
•Like Khan-san dating has been daunting and unproductive
•I miss my home out west, I live in a segregated neighborhood without any community
•I don’t have much to do outside of work and at work I’m surrounded by pigs

One more confession before I leave:
•I miss you all, I also miss Aneko-oneesama


Many here don’t have that feeling my turtle friend.


E-even me?!


Your fantasy world is uncomfortably hipster though.