Sankaku Confessions, Off My Chest & Unpopular Opinions


Aneko I could totally see doing something like that, but since you said some, it just made me wonder if I really didn’t notice any of that going on >.<

Well, you can trust me, and I’m sure most people here too(because there are lurkers and people from the other forums that we don’t know, I can’t just say you can trust everyone >.< )

But even if you decide not to share, I hope everything turns out okay~


I know I can trust you, and by extension I can trust Kudi

idk I may just being silly



that you did PT, that you did lol


Assume that for every 1 regular member, there are 10 lurkers and share information on that basis

It’s prolly best to use PMs when you’re paranoid about security, although a long-term user who wanted info on you would have everything they need by now


I suppose so

I really feel like I should trust sancom, since its been such a big part of my life for almost 9 years now, tho


The fallback to any potent doxing would be laziness and people who dick around on a hentai forum are definitely very very lazy. I’d say it’s likely someone could conjure up a good summary of your life here but no one would bother to actually make your life hard

I mean it’s not like you have money or anything


another forum i was on some girl admitted to taking black dicks every weekend when she got drunk at college and some arsehole FAT bitch doxxed her and sent it all to her mother

the moral of the story is to never share private info on the internet !
especially if you’re a self professed pedophile !


I mean, my mom’s been dead for close to 22 years now so unless they can doxx me thru a ouija board and tell her am a tranny fag, that’s really not gonna affect me lol

am not a pedo and my clean record and excellent work track and references from coworkers and students of my 11 years in education would back me up.

am open about being a tranny fag and my love for anime and my kids love both things.

like someone said too is not like I got money that can be stolen or really anythnig of value that I can lose.

but to some people is just the fact that having enough info on someone to make damage just for the sake of doing damage is their thrill. you know like swating or bombarding with food orders or making up shit and sharing it with personal contacts of the person

I guess is best I dont share it then


making up shit and sharing it with personal contacts of the person

This is all they need. You work at a school or something right?
Just make up a story, back it up with some faked evidence and wham your job’s gone and you’re blacklisted from working with kids again.
How many false allegations have ruined peoples lives already. I’m sure it’s really easy to pull off


reminded me of this for some reason


the dolan comics need to make a comeback, they were so hilariously fucked up


Moral of the story is not be a coalburner.


is that a holocaust joke am not getting?


Coalburner means screwing black dudes.


Dating in my 20s has been 75% rejection, 20% flacking and 5% finding she’s not a fit for me on the first date/convo.


You’re not coming out as an Incel are you?


I am a virgin. But I’ve kissed a girl and dated before. I also don’t hate women and am owed a relationship if that’s where you’re getting at, Taco.


Good. Can’t have incel scum in here


Got any hot single moms in your area I can date, Pantso?


Lol am sure there are but denver is too lib. You need a nice white conservative soccer mom