Sankaku Confessions, Off My Chest & Unpopular Opinions


that’s not a good thing, kudi


btw, in england, we don’t have showers

we just stand outside and let the rain take care of it


god washes your dik, fag


God is Jordan Peterson.



pantsu thinks you’re god


but Syk worshipes your cock! so really she’s a high priestess of the KuDick God


Goddess of bounty???




Kek, clean your room and don’t be proud of your race’s accomplishments.


I clean my room for Marie Kondo. Plus, my race is shitty and you know this, catman.


No, she will summon Ourmomageddon and banish everyone to the Bin of Store-age.


a lot of my normie friends have been talking about Marie Kondo, feels so weird


She sparkles not and sparkles your waifu.


My race is still shitty to be proud of them, Tigger.


That is your sin line.


The negro’s original sin was not fucking the Neanderthals.


While we’re being unhygienic, I’ll admit that while I shower I don’t use soap and sometimes use shampoo

For health reasons, I promise


I wanna share something personal in sancom to ask help, but I feel it may lead a few members or lurkers to stalk/dox me.

it feels a bit paranoid since I shared so much before and even private info, and sancom has improved a lot and it is a small tight group, but idk, cant’ shake the feel of old sancom where some members had virtual folders of info on other members to weigh some sort of intimidation power over their heads.

idk sancom, can I trust y’all?





the impression aneko gave me most of the time, amongst others