Sankaku Confessions, Off My Chest & Unpopular Opinions


Been thinking for a while to revive the confessions thread, as sometimes I find myself needing a thread to vent. But decided to combine them a bit as I feel unpopular opinions (for me) tend to be confession like things. Also tryna keep myself from making too many threads.



Unpopular opinion:

Unpopular opinion threads are filled with opinions that are actually very popular (including this one).


you only say that because you was a popular girl in school


This is a good idea.


Feminizing and dominating (sexually) a male is the most masculine thing you could do.


thank you, kind squid child

and @Palmtop_Tiger you mean like turning one’s boyfriend into a trappy uke?


I see the appeal, even if it’s not personally appealing.


Not something I would enjoy, but I can see why others would.


Not bf, turning a straight guy into your sissy bitch.



↑ This. From here onward, every person who posts an “unpopular opinion” that is actually a popular opinion gets a one-week ban.


Many times many of these opinions are unpopular for a reason, they’re shitty.


During Christmas I occasionally wondered what happened to some of the old members.
Also I find winter after New years generally depressing.


which is why the tread is also about confessions and off your chest, is a mixed content thread


Outside of my job, my hobbies and my modest social life. I’m pretty unmotivated, or maybe I’m just inert.




Hello inert.

I’m reactive!




Haha! XD You guys too funny!


I feel you tho, I have zero social life outside of work.

In part am perma-broke, as education doesn’t pay much and am stupid with money, but also I’ve gotten to the point where I just hate people and want to avoid interactions as much as possible. Even going to the movies, which for most of my life was enjoyable above many other things, is now something I avoid. Tho that in part I feel so unmotivated because every fuckign movie nowadays is a forced sequel, remake, rehash, reboot, part of a multiverse, oscar bait, minority “empowering” bait, or overhyped shit.