Sancom Waifu Thread



He’ll look so effeminate ;-;
But I guess I’ll try~


Too girly~

But I guess it could be Kaito when he was 12 (´・ω・`)


Is this like wanting a 4kids dub of your favorite anime?

No, it’s like traveling with your GF and making love to her in a new dimension.


There needs to be more activity in this thread.


Well, what to do you want to talk about?


Nothing much just like to see waifu posts.


How about this? Do want to touch your waifu’s ears?


But that would maker her pregnant!



Would make your waifu preggers?


of course I’d touch her ears, tho her nose is far more sensitive

now post a pic of your waifu looking wholesome/tender


I’d have a hard job finding one where she doesn’t look wholesome and tender



hmmm, now am trying to imagine dunki’s waifu being angry or mean and really is almost impossible



My Tsuma being wholesome.


im gonna go with a gif



for once Char posts appropriate responses with no edge and all poi <3


waifu wednesday


imagine having sex with madoka


Shut it you. Speaking of which, post your waifu in School uniforms.