Sancom Waifu Thread




I have something special planned, waiting to see if it goes as expected before spilling the beans.


i’m jizzing in her hair


I celebrated on twatter.


I didn’t do anything this year >.<


i’m not nothing this year cause no money


Maybe if you stopped wasting it on drugs and gacha…


in my defense i’d find some other way to waste the money

although i need to start saving money for anime expo this year if im gonna go


Sad my dudes…


is ok khan, we’re all sad that you’re black, but you try your best and we love you for that


Have you tried a tulpa?


I’m pretty sure nothing bad can come of that.


I was broke at the tiime


I have a tendency to imagine my Tsuma in a different style. One of which being a western cartoon show I like, the loud house. She’s still lovely all the same.

Speaking of Nick shows, I think I found my /co/ waifu.


Try this. It was hard to give her enough tsun.


I rule all.


I made one of my waifu.


They all look so cute~


I have no waifu, so I made one of myself~
(But I’m not going to post it here since it’s the waifu thread >.< )


No way to try it on your husbando?


There should be an option for that.