Sancom Waifu Thread



What you guys and your waifus doing?


Second one is new, and better.


bonboring it, as always


Hey I had already done that before.


We are brothers after all. LETS SWING!


Oh heck, this place is alive again! Hello everyone.

Can I claim my precious boi 9S please?


Our Irish sock loving lass has returned once more. Of course you can.


Check the google link posted above for confirmation plus are you still devoted to Homu?


Thank you! And yes, of course. Homu Homu is still precious to me.


M-Meli-chan is back…







madoka what are you doing


What are you faglords planning with the waifu for Valentine’s Day so that you can experience a spectacular joy with her that in the end when all is said and done, to paraphrase some Guido pop star THOT that was once on Nickelodeon, you would think god is a woman or O N I O N.


I understood nothing except faglords and valentine’s


What are you doing for Valentine’s Day with the waifu so you can make sweet love to her?


ah ok

nothing, for am a huge fag as you said.

I mostly do stuff on her bday and our anniversary


@Palmtop_Tiger @kudi @kanika @chigetsu @homulilliy @Dark_Mage @GenoSabre @mascarpone

I demand answers.


mfw I don’t get called to the waifu-principal’s office because I was the only fag to reply to the thread


also geno is without internet for the foreseeable future, as he was in the process of moving to a new house last we spoke, and his country has shit coconut powered internet


And Matt Tran thinks it’s a good place to live.