Sancom Waifu Thread




hidden due to violence and gore -geno-nii


^^^^^are we seriously that gay now?


takes one to know one lol


Here’s to a wonderful 9 years with my beautiful Tsuma.


Wow I didn’t realize it’s been that long.


well trained negroes tend to be very loyal to their massah


Khan, is that a seaslug?



She is my master and I her loyal servant. Are you loyal to your master?



Seaslugs (maybe!) are icky, but moe.

Congrats on the 9 years.


Of course I am! ask Ohana and Daarin :smile: also I was complimenting you and praising your loyalty you ashy ass cotton mouth! sheesh, uppity af!


Can’t decide which one I like more…


theres only one pic so that’d make it easier


Something must be wrong on your end. I uploaded two.


I see two now, and nuh-uh!! your end is the stupid one!!


The first one highlights her assets. You like your waifus assets don’t you?


My waifus assets do give me a boner. That much is true. So yes.


#WaifuWensday - What are you getting your waifu for christmas?



No bites? For shame!


I’m pondering this very seriously.


I might give her a new paint job since her white parts are turning yellow already.