Sancom Waifu Thread



Sou ka

You did the flip flop


Looks like he already purged a few.


theres absolutely no order to the list reeeeeeeeeeee


now that, is a good insult XD

also you forgot Tilly, she reclaimed her Senjougahara as soon as she came back



Still on that list from five years ago, aww yeah!


Flipping lurkers…


I wonder who else will show up to claim their waifu?


if them dang niggs was doing their job and had the list done by friday like they claimed, maybe we wouldn’t be dealing with lurker shits


Can someone tell the wetback-sensei that the list is already up to date and based on purge she pushed me to do.


Looking at all the names missing makes me feel kinda sad.


Too fucking bad. They abandoned Sancon, Sancon leaves them.


Some did and maybe for good reason but I feel bad things may have happened to others.


lol I forgot you already posted it

and niggy I didnt force you to purge, all I did was whip you into updating it, not my fault you ahve a soft spot for loser fags who dont care about their waifus


No gods, no masters. Only waifus.


But what if my waifu is my god and master?





Just realized that I should’ve saved my Waifu Contest entries :3
I think I was second place. Does that mean I’m champ now? lol


you’re a chimp is what you are


Pantoman stop being mean to Gone.