Sancom Waifu Thread



Waifu Wednesday \o/


I still have it. But some changes will be made.


still love her ^.^.


waifu wednesday



disregard, sancom pics loaded, I see what Tilly posted now

also baka sancom no longer do we have the crossed words options


This animation is cute.


which nigga does one have to whip around here to get the list back and running?


Try whipping all of them until you find the right one!

Then, whip the rest


It will be published by Friday.


I’m busy with the Tsuma who is being the Lewd fairy and she’s the one whipping me.


love how kudi’s inner british empire comes out when one talks about nogging a nig :3c


Shove it, Paco with the future taco.


Since I can’t post the file here, I give you guys the google link to the list:


No purges for a decade please. Tangina ahahahhaha


Blame the beaner who won’t have a wiener.


That’s a neat-looking spreadsheet, I must say.

When does spousu status change?


Mag-request ng purge, mawawala ng isa hanggang dalawang buwan. Tangina. ahahahahaha


Good = You have a waifu. > Pending = Your waifu claim is in review. > Bad = Purge mode and no response.

We don’t speak flip.


I intended that one to flop :3