Retro stuff thread

I think we need a retro thread.

Anything retro goes old games,anime, toys ,tv commercials, etc.

Are you going to get the Sega Genesis mini?

Depends the At Games one was kinda crappy so I’ll see what the reviews are otherwise I’ll just build my own.
How hackable the system is and how good the controllers are will be driving factors.

This one is being done in house by Sega and not At Games.

Gud thread. We needed one indeed.

I’m pretty sure his name didn’t have the same meaning back then.
When it left’s it back leg it looks like it’s getting ready to piss.

Vintage computer draws anime on plotter.

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Weird obscure 80s cartoons that only ran for one season.

Decided to post this here.
The best part is the working electromechanical switching room.

crosspost with the question thread.

this is a Foron, by EFS Hausgeräte

from the 90s and no longer made, and obvs never caught up

Question: a fridge with rotating levels was a brilliant idea ahead of its time, or dumb overall?

tbh I’d love one, feels far more efficient to keep shit organized and from forgetting something rotting in the back

I have some rotating kitchen cabinets, and while it’s true that forgetting things in the back is harder, it still ends up happening(they just need to be behind or underneath something else)

And it’s really annoying when you’re looking for something, and you keep spinning it, but you stil can’t find it ;д;

And things getting caught on the walls, making you unable to spin it happens often. When that happens you have to either spin it in the opposite direction to see if you can fix it, if that doesn’t work you have to try to fix it even though it’s in the back and hard to reach, and if can’t do that, you have to force it and risk something falling off the shelves



GE tried something similar in the 1950s though it look more conventional on the outside.

y u so adorbs!!!