Random Video Thread (SFW)

Oi @kudi wut the fuk es wrung wid yer Nan! she sho’nt be oot alone ya fuken cockwomble! yoo kno’ ‘ow fokin’ stobrn she gets and she takes on da street ‘ike a fokin’ mad cow!!!

wtf am i reading???

I tried my best to write in your native English, guess I failed, curse my bean brain


@PantsuKudasai @0:17

Nice idea for me to do to my car @0:34


mah gato

cute botes…

Tempted to go to the autoshow this weekend. Haven’t been since I was a wee lad.

Are they going to have the new Supra?

I don’t know but it’s gonna have race queen booth babes. That’s what I’d be going for.

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They do that over here still?

Aw man, I forgot the world’s changed since the last time I went.

I can’t stop watching this beautiful music video. I have no doubt when our AI goddess reaches singularity she will take the form of Hatsune Miku.


They made some porn in that show, too

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