Random Video Thread (SFW)




for once, Florida Woman was not the culprit


“wait, how could she possibly think that this would cause her fewer problems than being a bit late for work?”

see her pic

that explains it


Ha, I was about to rant how the cops should have lit her up when she charged them but didn’t because of her white female privilege but lo and behold it was a negress!



Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


Is it wrong if I think this parody is better than the original?


I kinda wish there was like a Truman show, but instead of Jim Carrey, they followed around Kim jong un. It would be great.


LMAO was not expecting that end XD -nopenopenopeyasyasYAS!!!-


I know you hate the cold, Char. But then you wouldn’t be able to do cool stuff like this.


one of my favorite internets


Oh yah that’s fun to do also fun letting off fireworks in snow.





would kudi be a konata-lolicon-dad towards his and @chigetsu’s daughter, given that she’ll be a huge oppai loli?


just wow!
how rood!


is it rood cuz it tru?