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That second video looks like something I ended up with in the game Species ALRE when I tried to make something like a wolf.


This is an interesting theory makes makes a lot of sense.


Here’s a better theory.


Yeah, a Canadian teacher I had in secondary school mentioned the same thing (go figure). Except this theory would mean basically all of North and South America should be even less civilised than Africa. If you ask me, the problem is simply that they’re Africans.



Actually most of the Americas was very primitive and almost stone aged before Europeans showed up.
The most advanced would have been the Mayans, Aztecs,Inca,and Tiwanaku who were roughly equivalent to the Ancient Egyptians.
They seemed to have more or less stayed in the same climatic region.


Well, doens’t that pretty much disprove the theory too? Place Native Americans in America, it stays uncivilised. Place Europeans in America, it becomes a civilised nation.


Europeans had already made it past the threshold of where there was an exchange of ideas and progressed beyond tribalism.
The biggest thing holding back the Incas for example probably was the Andes was to the east.


You’d think modern Africans have passed that point.



Another thing that may have allowed Europe, the middle east, and Asia to form larger civilizations might have been the horse along with the ox,and camel as a large beast of burden enables much farther travel and more efficient farming.

Native Americans did eventually start riding horses soon after they were introduced.





Interesting story.


Youtube algorithm strikes again.


Given what happened with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, this isn’t entirely improbable.


Yah it was a recommended video but it was one of those rare occasions the algorithm dug up something good for a change.


What, “vines that tingle my butthole” weren’t good enough for you?