Random Video Thread (SFW)



he’s the lesser of all the looney tunes


Panto I’m so sorry.


Wile E. Coyote was by far best Looney Tune


He constantly get pimp handed by a bird. Speaking of which, I found out Roadrunners were real birds in the forth grade.


I knew waht coyotes and roadrunners looked like in real life, so I knew that was nuff but cartoon malarkey, so I always rooted for the coyote. also he’s resourceful and smart

I liked pepe lepeau as a kid but goddamn nigga is an incel level rapist


I know its already been shared but I have a not-so-slightly obsession with this and cant help it >///<


This is hilarious.



@kudi is this the norm in the UK?

cuz goddamn!


Speaking of which this guy’s tastes reminds me of someone.



This old meme with a couple of v-tubers.


jesus I hate this type of pathetic chungus

I get that shit is hard when you weight the same as an old soviet car, but when EVERYTHING is a drama and you bitch and moan and cry about wooden floors or about someone not giving you pity over nothing, go fucking die and stop wasting everybody’s oxygen



That was painful to watch I’m pretty sure every word and the entire situation is scripted as it always is in those so called reality tv shows.
TLC is such a dumpster fire of a channel hard to believe once it was an educational channel they should change the name to TTC or the trash channel to reflect what it actually is.


with those chungus sadly is not all that scripted, you gotta be really pathetic and self-loathing and thrive on pity and enabling to get that fat

I live with a chungus, remember? and got several chungus (chungi? chunguses?) in my family


Must be hell living with one.
I’m kinda disappointed Kudi had nothing to say about that Ero Managa Sensei video I posted since I’m pretty sure he’s the guy making the request.


I shared that ero manga vidya with Dan

panchu -for once a quality char-shared vidya

daarin -false, char has no quality

I tried lol


I couldn’t respond because I was arrested by the FBI


you dun goof kundi