Random Video Thread (SFW)



Aoi really hit it out of the park with this one.




Posting our home videos.


wow that mc sounds like such a cuck and the big titty bitch looks shit fuck anime



It was a pain to rip this since aniplex restricted the region to japan.


If the video is short enough just uploaded it to twitter instead.


It is on twitter but I didn’t find out until after I got it with a vpn. Well it was better quality on youtube anyway.



A bit silly but it does highlight what is rotten in the tech industry today.


college humor
gay soiboi

I don’t care if he has a point, don’t watch that crap. There are others like Rossman Repair who address the issue without SJW pandering.


That’s why I called it silly besides I jail break my shit and find ways to repair it as I paid money for it so it’s mine.




Love that the top comments are Ace Combat 7 references. :sunglasses:




This was a sweet h-manga.


imagine having sex with an underage girl