Random Video Thread (SFW)











I’ll make sure to no longer store my salt in the bathroom


Miku’s outfit is really cute in this video.


lol seeing shit like this is the only thing I miss about working at Target

well taht and all the cheese I stole :3c


I thought they had a no touch policy though she threw stuff but I think if it was someone bigger that guard would have gotten his ass handed to him which still would be amusing.

This is really funny.
Also the company who made the John Cena toy you had one job and you could not make the head and body match?


What an odd yet cute little anaimal.


I knew Mirai Akari would be the first to sell her body.


I mean look at the way she dresses. It’s obvious.



Lol, Eline sold Akari’s body to old men long ago. How else do you think she afforded Yomemi’s VR setup?


Anyone know how to download off bilibili or have an alt link for this?

Managed to get it at 360p for now. But if you find a better quality lemme know.


Looks like the person playing her got a better mocap setup for that.



Why talk of battery electric airliners is at best wishful thinking for the moment.
Though electric light aircraft are possible but they would have reduced capacity.