Random Video Thread (SFW)



My favorite video in recent years
I do not know how to translate it into English



They cannot heal this void she left. ;_;




dat ejection port lol



To think someone bankrupted a profitable company to bring that thing into production.



Geno watches Forgotten Weapons


Nin watches Steve1989



Youtube version

It’s kinda annoying that i can’t watch it on nicovideo anymore just because i still use windows xp.


【ドナルド合作】道化師宣教譜~Forever of mcdonald~【The 12th Collaboration】

If anyone could download this one somehow and send me a link to download that would be nice. Since the regular youtube downloader doesn’t work. Maxium preffered quality would be 720p but minimum would be 360p


Here Fonz. My downloader separates the video and audio so you have to download both parts. Should play fine if they’re in the same folder.





Try this instead:


How does that work though? Do i have to open it up with two players or somehow add the files or use a special player for it.
Anyway thanks already downloaded it.
Edit: found out that using smplayer and adding the audio file to it works as it should.





These should make a comeback.