Random Video Thread (SFW)



The best video ever!

It reminds me of a more innocent time ;_;


Oh yah the early days of youtube were great.


so we’re spamming old youtubes now? neat!


You made Nephew#2 cry lol


Not bad lmao! Potter Puppet Pals sure has made true classic status in my opinion.


I could feel it shortening my lifespan as I watched it


But wait!

There’s more!

(these were actually earlier videos from 2007; the later video was a response to the reaction they caused)


A-are you tring to kill me?
tbh, I don’t mind, but please do it in a less painful way


maybe this one is moar suitable for you?


That Harry Potter video was great esp the end.



I’m not going to watch any more of those!



it ok @chigetsu watch this instead, is another classic but is cute and wholesome




oh well k then fuck off, no more helping from panchu >:’(


Well, it was better than boxxy
I’m just confused about why the duck didn’t end up in the oven


cuz his joke was amusing and the vendor can take a joke, this was made pre sjw era



That’s a sweet animation.