Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)

Not really >.<

Maybe some parts like not wanting friends(but it’s because it’s just too much trouble) tumblr_oy6kgpjHm11vgkvbco2_250

And the avoiding contact with people part(but not as much as it sounds like he did (´・ω・`) )

question for our Ammosexual members (@Palmtop_Tiger)

whenever I see guns like the one below, I always wonder if they’re practical in any way, or if the mods actually help/make it better, or if is one of those things that just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should. Almost feels like guns like this one is like putting spinner rims and tvs to a honda civic.



Well one, that’s a pellet guns so most of that is useless. But on a real gun they do help. A recent trend has been to make a “Roland Special” which is a Glock 19 with a red dot sight, compensator, and tac light, among other mods. It’s reached the point to being prevalent on other handguns that manufacturers have started offering models with cutout slides ready to accept a red dot and threaded barrels for comps. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of a comp on a handgun, it makes it easy to shoot fast and flat.


Would you bang Sol Pais?



I dont approve of necrophilia or Argentinians having any form of pleasure.

Tho that’s mad good crazy puss (crazy in every way)

also, fucking me would be the ultimate punishment for a psycho Argentinean cunt, and seeing a few of our kids being scared and crying today, she deserves extra punishment besides going to hell

so yes, I’d do a Hound on her


Do you guys use the light theme or dark theme here? Just wanted to know the majority’s preference so I could edit stuff appropriately. Thanks thanks!

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i like an dark theme

There are different themes? Anyway I’m apparently using the classic white orange theme - like in the good ol’ days.


The term don’t stick it in crazy comes to mind.
Oh and I finally get a good excuse to use this meme.

Though that said I would steer clear of her as she is bad news on wheels.

what would be the minimum you’d sell your soul for?

I’d get to be with my Tsuma waifu.

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no monkeypawing you, but would you rather she be real or you go into a 2D world with her?

again this is your minimum so you choose

Either or is fine, fut if I have to choose, 2D.

i’d trade it to save madoka

happy endings are so gay and boring tho, it would totally ruin madoka

but whatevs, is your soul not mine

I would only do it in order to make the existence of my people absolutely secure


It’s not for sale, Satan. Not now, not ever.

are you sure?

Sure catman.